Excellence In Process

EIP, "Excellence in Process", is our core philosophy, the standard of our work, and our internal quality practice. Bencer developed the EIP program to set the highest quality standards in-house in order to provide our clients the best performance possible. Our internal daily and weekly based controlling system ensures the compliance of all team members with the internal EIP standards.

Best Design Performance

  • Policy to hire only the best & skilled engineers and architects available
  • Availability of all major international design standards to all engineers and architects
  • Availability of all major international best practice engineering and construction details
  • Regular training of all architects and engineers in new building materials, software and value engineering
  • Triple check method of all drawings produced in-house and of design cooperation partners

Best Construction Quality

  • Regular Training of all construction managers and construction workers regarding best practice construction methods and achievement of the best quality on site
  • Regular reviewing and providing the "Bencer Best Construction Quality" Handbook to all construction managers and construction workers which educates the staff on site in all matters of excellent construction quality
  • Triple quality check method on site. This method allows us to control the construction quality in a highly efficient way and also allows us to provide only the best results. Low quality will not be confirmed by our system
  • The "German Construction Training Program" allows construction managers, foreman and also selected construction workers to participate on training programs in Germany to learn more about efficient and high quality workmanship

Best Time Management

  • Use a strict and professional time management system developed by Bencer
  • In all stages of the project a specific control mechanism shows us exactly the status of the project and potential risks
  • Knowing these risks early we can react in a professional way and prevent delays
  • Using the unique Bencer time management tools and software assures a complete and precise overview of all processes at all time

Bencer Safe Site

  • Intensive and regular training of all construction workers and management personal on site regarding safety policy
  • PPE for all workers and management personal on site
  • Providing the Bencer Safe Site manual to all site staff
  • Implementation of double check system on site by using special trained safety officers in each section of the site