Consulting Services

Bencer offers a wide range of additional services to complete your tailored project package. From initial investment advisory, technical due diligence up to green building consulting and LEED certifications, we are capable of covering all aspects to round up a comprehensive and carefree project realisation.

Technical Due Diligence

Every investor faces uncertainties before and during real estate transactions. Bencer provides first visit quick evaluations as well as full range technical due diligence services. With our experience we can help investors lowering technical risks for their decision making process and ensure a professional quality check of the building.

Investment Advisory

Property investments mostly require tremendous amount of up-front decisions. Bencer assists to lead your way gathering valuable information for making the right initial decisions in your project. We offer:

  • Site Selection Advisory
  • Company Registration Advisory
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Financial Analysis
  • Approval Advisory

Green Building Advisory

To build an ecologically friendly and energy efficient building is not just an ideological but first and foremost a financial decision. Bencer provides you with a detailed concept and technical evaluation of all available technologies. A tailor-made green building design will be established together with the client. The result fits both environmental ambition and financial value in combination with state of the art technology.

LEED Certification

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design stands for the most commonly accepted award system for green buildings. Bencer consults clients during the project definition and design stage; controls the quality during construction and assists during the complex certification approval process to ensure the highest possible award for your green building project.