Bencer Project Management GmbH founded. See company presentation in English and German.


Bencer Project Management, a private owned enterprise, is one of the leading German project management consultants in China. Specialized in industrial buildings we provide construction project management, engineering and real estate consulting services for international clients operating in China.

Bencer is made up of German and Chinese engineers with substantial technical expertise and experience in construction projects throughout China and Asia.

We offer a one-stop service to investors from the initial steps of the site selection and project registration throughout all further stages such as design, tendering and construction until the project hand over.

In addition to project management, we emphasize on value engineering, energy efficiency design and production planning advisory in order to guarantee Western building quality standards and efficient building systems. Ensuring construction quality, as well as meeting time and budget requirements - specified by our clients - are the top priorities in our daily work.

As a consequence of successfully realized projects in China, many of our clients have chosen Bencer to also manage their construction projects in other parts of Asia. Thus, we have established long term partnerships with our clients, taking a key role to manage all construction related processes within their global organizations.