Sino-German Training School, Taicang (2009-2010)

Sino-German Training School Picture The German Chamber of Commerce in China and the Taicang Industrial Zone cooperated to build an energy efficient education center in Taicang. The purpose of this facility is to educate high school graduates in specific production related skills.

The building meets the highest energy and quality standards. Renewable energies, such as geothermal energy and solar energy were used to lower the energy consumption of the building. The high-end facade and insulation materials ensure the optimal building insulation and therefore reduce energy leakage. This makes this facility in many ways a benchmark for other future projects.

The GFA is 17,000 m2. The design phase started in November 2009; construction completion was in December 2010.

Bencer provided Project Management services and Energy Efficiency Consultancy.

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Sino-German Training School Picture